BSI's Annual Summer Work Program

BSI hosted 29 students for this year’s annual Summer Work Program at the Belize Sugar
Industries Limited for the months of June and July. The program targets students countrywide who are attending secondary and tertiary institutions. Its aim is to sharpen the skills of young students who will join the working world in the near future. This opportunity allows them to gain experience in their different fields of study.

Numerous applications for the program are submitted every year with BSI hosting one set of students in the first month and another set in the second month. This summer, students from Murray State University, University of Quintana Roo, Orange Walk Institute for Technical and Vocational Training, Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College, among others, were given summer job opportunities at BSI based on their respective fields of study.

The wide array of students’ field of study this year ranged from Business Management, Accounting and Information Technology to Electro-Mechanical Engineering, Natural Resource Management and Biochemistry.

Most interns whose majors involved business management and accounting were posted in the administrative offices whereas students whose major included laboratory and engineer work were posted at the factory. In some cases, interns did both field work and office work, which allowed them to broaden their experience in both environments.

 BSI is proud to have been hosting this program for over a decade knowing that empowering the minds of young people leads to a better community and leaves students with a wider knowledge of what their careers have in store for them.


One of the reasons students seek this opportunity is because it allows them to be productive during the summer. Internships, which are required in order to graduate from their field, are amongst the reasons some students choose to take on this work opportunity at BSI. The program also assists in covering school expenses as acquiring an education is also costly.

Posted on October 1, 2015 .