From Sugar Cane to Sugar Crystals

1. Preparation
2. Extraction
3. Clarification
4. Evaporation
5. Crystallization
6. Separation



In the crystallization process, the resulting syrup from the evaporators must be concentrated further so that the sucrose in solution will form crystals of sugar. The crystallization process happens in several stages called “The Pan Boiling System”. BSI utilizes a Three Boiling Scheme whereby three different grades of sugar are produced (A, B, and C Sugar). This is carried out in single effect Vacuum Pans. These Vacuum Pans, similar to the evaporators, are heat exchange vessels that transfer heat from a heating medium (either Vapor from the evaporation process or Low Pressure steam from the Power Plant) via a heating surface (vacuum pan tubes) to the material inside the vessels. The result of this heat transfer process is the evaporation of water resulting in further concentration of the material to produce a mixture of sugar crystals and molasses called a Massecuite.The Massecuite is discharged into a holding tank called a strike receiver where the material is temporarily stored before moving unto the next stage of the sugar manufacturing process where the sugar crystals are separated from the liquid portion.

Posted on June 12, 2017 .